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Do I rock or what?

This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything on this page, you are wrong. Yes, I stole this line from Maddox. Oh well

Just Because I don't cry Doesn't Mean I'm an A-Hole
(Updated: 12/17/05)

Censorship can go and Shove It
(Updated: 12/6/05)

People are stupid.
(Updated: 12/5/05)

40 things that Annoy Me
(Updated: 12/4/05)

New metal blows.
(Updated: 12/4/05)

I also hate fat people.
(Updated: 12/3/05)

I hate religion freaks.
(Updated: 12/3/05)

Did you know that idiots have been to this page?
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