Just a Few Things that Annoy Me

2. Titanic
3. Hilary Duff
4. Britney Spears
5. Backstreet Boys
6. Leonardo DiCaprio
7. Gothic people
8. Religion freaks
9. New metal
10. Harry Potter movies
11. Tarter Sauce
12. People named "Earl"
13. People who can't use the words "excuse me" correctly
14. People who can't drive because they're on their cell phones
15. The word "guesstimate"
16. People who dont't get the difference between the words "its" and "it's"
17. People who dont know the difference between "your" and "you're"
18. People who don't know the difference between the words "their" and "they're"
19. People who don't like shrimp
20. Little kids that follow you where ever you go that aren't related to you
21. People who are scared of the number 666
22. The phrase "I feel you, dogg" and people who use it
23. People who are just plain stupid
24. People who believe in love at first sight
25. Rihanna, and her song.
26. BAMtards
27. Beef Jerky
28. Bacon
29. People who can't eat something because the Bible says so
30. People who talk on their cell phone in front of you
31. Public bathrooms
32. Politically Correct people
33. Attention whores
34. Bragging whores
35. People who talk to you about suicide to make themselves feel better
36. People that are too nice
37. People who think "hell" and "damn" are curse words
38. Men with fur coats
39. Simple Plan
40. YOU

So there you have it. 40 things that annoy me.

Back to how much I rock...