Censorship can go and Shove It.

I loved Howard Stern. I used to listen to him every chance I got. Now that the damn government stepped in, he's moving to satellite radio, which, pretty soon the government will take over and censor, too. Now, I love Howard Stern, but I won't pay to listen to him.

All this BS was probably because one morning, some dumb kid turned on his radio, and that kid told his friends. These "friends" asked their moms what some of the "content meant. The moms went off on the kids asking where they learned these words and they said "well Billy told us about this guy Howard Stern". The moms called Billy's mom, then all those mothers revolted against Howard Stern. So much that the government stepped in and now, Howard Stern is leaving. Listen. It's not Howard's fault if kids hear his show. It's not the kids fault ethier. It's the PARENTS fault! If you don't want your kids to hear/see certain things on TV or the Radio, then you better make damn sure your kids dont listen to/see it!

I hate the RIAA, the MPAA, and all the other censoring industries of America. The only things that aren't censored today are: Cable TV, satellite radio, the Internet (which is starting to be) and certain books and magazines.

As I said, the Internet is slowly starting to become censored. And it is. Websites like Maddox, Wimp, and pretty soon this one are censored in my school. Sure, there are ways around it, but that's too much work.

Plus Microsoft owns friggin' everything. I was looking for a decent Spyware Removal program and there was one by Microsoft that had pretty good reviews. I go to download it and I see "Validation Required". That's right. If I didn't own a legit copy of Windows, or didn't want to go through 100 step validation processes, I couldn't get my free software. I ended up downloading it from a differet site. But you know what? I'm wondering how long it'll take for everybody to become pirates so they dont have to go through 100 step validation processes to get free software updates. If the software cost over $100, I can understand why the companies would want validation to see if it was a legit copy of whatever software, but if it was free, as in $0.00, WHY FRIGGIN' BOTHER?

Back to the RIAA and the MPAA. When are they gonna stop complaining just because they lost a measly (to them) $3.5 billion every year due to the piracy of music and movies? I'll tell you when. NEVER, NEVER EVER. Wanna know why? Because they're a bunch of whiney a-holes that dont realize the $8 per person that they lose will be made up and even added to on the Internet and electric bills. To prove this, lets say the average 2.5 hour movie takes 6 hours to download. And lets say (because I don't know how much my computer uses each day) that for every hour the PC's left on due to downloading, its $5 in electricity. Most people start their downloads at night and look back in the morning, so lets add another 8 hours of sleep to that. Thats 14 hours your computer has been on. That equals $70 already. Plus a high-quality DVD to put it on... lets say $1.50. But since most people don't buy DVDs in packages of 1, more like 25 or 50, we'll multiply that $1.50 by 25 which gives us $37.50. Plus the $70 it took in terms of power. Thats $107.50. And, just to make it worse, lets say this person is a new to piracy and doesn't have a DVD burner... a nice DVD burner costs $50. Add that to $107.50 and you get $157.50. WAY more then $8 right? So shut up you fags.

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