How Dumb can one Person Be?

I was sitting in class the other day, and the teacher says something along the lines of: "You know, my nephew Aron studied the Ancient Egyptians too, and as it turns out..." So then this girl in my class says, with a straight face: "What's his name?". God help us, people are STUPID. We then watch our educational movie on the Ancient Egyptians, and it said: "They came up with the first 'version' of the wheel. The girl says: "What's a wheel?". A wheel is... A WHEEL!!!! But just for her, I took the liberty of looking up the word "wheel" on So, if you read this, a wheel is as follows:

"A solid disk or a rigid circular ring connected by spokes to a hub, designed to turn around an axle passed through the center."

This person also thought milk men made milk. Seriously. I'm not kidding. You know the hilarious part about all this? 9 times out of 10, she gets higher grades than I do! This person does kick ass though and she is a good friend of mine.

Enough about one person. It's time for what nags me about a whole bunch of people.

For instance, people who have low self esteem, so low that talking to you makes them feel better. Please. Kill yourself. How about guys who talk about how big their penises are? Some advice: Unless someone asks you, don't share. People who tell you about things they did when they were kids: "Yanno, when I was your age..." SHUT UP.

Guys who talk about their girl friends. These people are people who have such a pathetic excuse for a life that they have to talk about their girlfriend's life. (Which, by the way, NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR ABOUT!)

Yes, people annoy me THAT much.

Back to how much I rock...