I Hate Fat People, Too.

Boy oh boy, do I hate when people complian. Yes its hypocrisy, but I don't care. I especially hate when people complain about the way they look. I can understand if you have AIDS and you complain, but its ok because its incurable. But, when people complain about how they look? They can just go and shove it.

These people are the ones who, when you ask them why they don't do something about it, they reply, "its too hard", or "I don't have the time to exercise and stuff", or (my favorite) "I can't affort the sergury." Let me tell you people something: That is 100%, complete, and utter, BS.

You don't have time to exercise, but you have time to sit in the drive-thru behind 1000 other cars; then when you finally get to the window, you realized that the Chinese lady taking your order screwed it up.

You dont have time to exercise because you're too damn busy eating food that will probably cause you cancer in 20 years.

You can't afford the surgery because you're too busy buying food that makes you fat, while still tasting like crap. And its too hard to exercise because you havent ran since your coach made you do laps in high school.

I mean look, I'm skinny as crap, and I hate it. But I hate you fat people more. Here's a nice solution to 3 of the world's biggest problems: 1. Kill all the obese people that complain about how they look, the other obese people can stay (for now). That solves the obesity epidemic. Next, take all the homeless people in the world and feed them to the hungry people all over the world. There should be enough.

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