Just Because I don't cry Doesn't Mean I'm an A-Hole

Recently, one of my schoolmates passed away. When I fist heard the news, I was shocked. I felt really bad for his family and close friends. Even though I felt bad, I didn't cry. His family and close friends cried, but they had a reason to. I didn't. This is because I didn't know him. That's what ticked me off through this. People who didn't know him (other than his name, of coruse) were crying also! Thats right. People who knew nothing about him were crying. Newsflash! On average 4320 people die everyday (that's if you assume that every 20 seconds, someone dies) and do you guys care about them!? NO! What makes this any different? You wanna know what happened when I didn't cry for a person I didn't know? I, apparently, was a gay, satanic, ass-muching douchebag. Guess what? OH THE F**K WELL I DIDN'T CRY, DEAL WITH IT!

What bothered me more was when I first heard someone say that I was talking about this person. Tell me, fags, since when is talking about someone when you're telling your firend that you didn't know the guy? What bothered me MORE about this whole episode was that I was called Satanic. One word to you people BULLSH!T. BULLSH!T you racist pieces of crap. This has become so common now that whenever someone says or asks, I just say yes. And it SCARES them! I love having that kind of power, oh man, I love it.

Back on the racial topic. How would you Christians like it if I said that Jesus should've been nailed to that cross? What about you Jews? What if I said that passover blows and Hebrew sucks? Lets not forget the muslims. What if I said that pork was great or that your 200 letter names are retarded? YOU WOULDN'T SO SHUT THE HELL UP!

Tell me. I'm not speaking of this case, just in general. If you knew someone, and they were a jackass, then they suddenly died, are they still a jackass? Yes! They didn't deserve death but yes they are still a jackass. Again, if anyone takes offence to this, you need to learn to read because I said in general, not in this case.

What finally drove me over the edge to write this was that I got in trouble in school for not crying. Yeah whatever, fags. You can't tell me, or expect me, to cry for someone that I didn't know (hold the name) that died! I will say this though:

R.I.P Mr. E

See, I do care that he died because no one deserves death, but like I said before: I can't cry for someone I didn't know! I can't! It just doesn't make any sence to me! Oh, and for all you jackoffs saything I was talking about him, as well as the ones that got me in trouble, and the ones were calling me Satanic, this is for you:

Back to how much I rock...