New Metal Blows

Oh my God, do I hate new metal. Before I start, let me just say that my two favorite bads, System of a Down and HIM, are "new metal" to a stretch. Is it hypocrisy? Yes, but still I don't care.

If you have Time Warner Cable, turn to channel 610 to see what I mean. Notice the three minute guitar solos? Also, you'd note--if you survived the song, that is--that the song is only 5 minutes long.

3 minute guitar of a 5 minute song thats sung by a band probably called "Hell Frozen Over".

Note the words, thay suck too, if you can hear them. If you can hear the vocals, you'd note they weren't singing. Hell, even talking is a stretch.

Why don't music-choise bands such as "Hell Frozen Over" learn from System of a Down and HIM? Because they can, get ready for this sing!

Back to how much I rock...