How to compile ROCKbox!

1. Download the Dev kit from here.

2. Extract the downloaded file to a folder on your Desktop

3. Take the CONTENTS of that folder, and put them in C:\Rockbox

4. In C:\Rockbox, see the folder setup?

In there run SETUP.BAT

5. Next, grab the latest source code from here.

6. Unzip that tar.gz file in a folder on your Desktop, then take the CONTENTS of that folder (apps, firmware, blah) and put it in C:\Rockbox\home\guest

7. Back in C:\Rockbox, run _Rockbox.bat, you should see

8. Go into C:\Rockbox\home\guest and (along with the source code) make a folder called build.

9. Back into the command line window, type "cd build" without the quotes.

10. The screen should now look like this:

11. Type "rbconf"

12.Follow the on screen instructions

13. Type "make", wait till it finishes

14. Type "make zip"

15. In the build folder should be a file. Enjoy