I Hate Religion Freaks

Yes, I said it. And if I don't convert to what you people want, I'm apparently going to hell. Now, I'm not racist, but Christ, when I say I dont want to convert to Jahova's Witness, I friggin' mean it!

I'm gonna put a sign up on my door that says "I DONT WANT TO FRIGGIN' CONVERT, DON'T COME HERE!"

I would be a very, very crappy Jahova's Witness anyway. For one, I love Christmas, but they dont celebrate it. Second, I love my birthday, they don't celebrate birthdays. Sure, its another year closer to death, but c'mon, cake and gifts rock.

They don't do magic, witchcraft, or anything related. Well I love Harry Potter (books) and I love watching psychics and magicians on TV. So thats already 3 srikes. Plus, I've been known to have a 6th sence (no Miss Cleo crap, a real one). So if I were to convert, I'd be screwed anyway.

And they're afraid of the number 666. I hate people who are scared of a number.

Oh, and just so you people know, I only hate the Jahova's Witnesses that knock on your doors and tell you to convert. If you're a Jahova's Witness who doesn't do this, I hate you a lot less.

And for everyone who was counting the strikes, that was number 5. If life were a baseball game, I'd be dead.

Back to how much I rock...